Hot and spicy fish burritos

by Alison and Ollie, 28/07/2013

For the last two summers Ollie and I have been cultivating our own little patch of green. However when I say patch, I mean our shelves, window ledges and curtain rails. While we do have a balcony, the prevailing winds, salt and occasional ocean waves battering our windows make it an inhospitable place for most edible plants. So in the spring we turn our living area into a green-house (more on that to follow).

Fishy, fishy

By Alison, 28/07/2013

So we have been working hard this weekend and soon we will have our first food post

However we just wanted to share some images of an unexpected guest who seemed to be enjoying his own organically grown, sustainably caught fish supper.

Our house, in the middle of the sea

by Alison and Ollie, 24/07/2013

Sometimes you don't need to go very far, to feel like you are on your holidays. This weekend Ollie and I, packed up Betty (our little blue Yaris) with our surf boards and camping gear. We didn't travel more then 40 minutes away from home but that only added to the charm.

All eggs, one basket

by Alison, 21/07/2013

Today I start something, which for me feels strange. I am starting to participate in social media. I do not mean that I have avoided social media. However writing this blog, I feel that I am moving from observing to sharing. 

To share with friends and family who are near and far and with all those generous people who have inspired me in my hobbies.

Originally I was going to blog alone but seeing as Ollie is often on one side or the other of my photographs, eats my cakes, shares the waves (with the occasional drop-in) and joins in the travels where possible, it seemed more fun to invite him along.

So welcome to Gorse and Coconuts- here Ollie and I will try to share our surf tales, cooking endeavors and  travel ventures.