Our house, in the middle of the sea

by Alison and Ollie, 24/07/2013

Sometimes you don't need to go very far, to feel like you are on your holidays. This weekend Ollie and I, packed up Betty (our little blue Yaris) with our surf boards and camping gear. We didn't travel more then 40 minutes away from home but that only added to the charm.

It helped that Ireland is experiencing a heat wave. This is the longest stretch of warm, dry, flip-flop weather I can remember since 1995. Yes, unfortunately in Ireland, summer weather can be measured in decades. However for the moment the temperatures are stable, the skies are clear and the water is finally warm enough for boardies! 

 We spent one night camped on the edge of a beach, and the next in the moon scape of one of Ireland's unique ecosystems, the Burren.

We wanted to take advantage of the swell before it started dwindling and after spending a week in the office I wanted to take every advantage of the summer sun. 

So here was our weekend of empty line-ups, bbq's, South African red-wine, over inquisitive hungry dogs, jewel like beetles, heading to bed with the sunset and waking with the sunrise, bikinis, shorts, sun-cream, sleeping bags, alpine flowers and monoliths.

So does anybody have any other suggestions for enjoying the summer sun?

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