Surfing Easkey

By Ollie, 11/08/2013

In our last post, Strandhill surf festival 2013, we promised some photos of when we were surfing Easkey.
This was during the Easkey Open, the second leg on the Irish surfing tour.
There was a strong offshore breeze that day and the waves were over head. Neither Alison or myself are very tall though, so that may not be as impressive as it sounds. 

The water was still freezing, the sky grim and overcast. Perfect conditions on the Irish slabs. 
Perfect conditions for the competition, and in Ireland that's rather rare. 

All the heats were surfed on Easkey Left and having never surfed there before, this heat was going to be an interesting one.

So far in the few competitions I surfed, I only surfed the senior division and I have been very consistent. 
I came last in all my heats.

But that day it did not bother me one bit. I shared perfect Easkey Left with only 2 other lads and caught a few savage waves.

I was happy out!
Alison has done far better than me, she has reached the women's final in every competition she has surfed so far. Fair play to my surfing cailin! Very proud of her.

After the competition there was time for free surfing on the Right. Easkey Right is an amazing reef break, a beautiful right hand slab that keeps going for ever.

Being a regular foot, it is one of my favorite waves. It is a magnet that will pull me to County Sligo many more times, no doubt.  

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