A very Dutch affair- Part 1

by Alison, 01/09/2013

So just before we finally got this blog up and on its feet, we spent a long weekend in Holland. After a brief walk around Amsterdam, we made our way to Willemstad (Ollie's hometown). The next day we were off to Baarle Naussue to celebrate Ollie's brother  wedding. The final day was spent recovering from the party and soaking in the sunshine. 

We took the short train ride from Schipol into Amsterdam. Ever since I went inter-railing in college, when you would roll off a night train into an unknown city without the accommodation or currency, I have loved arriving into cities by train. Train stations tend to be at the heart of the  city. The minute you walk out of them you are surrounded by tourists, locals and touts. In old European cities, train stations are often housed in the most beautiful buildings, and  within moments you can be absorbed into the stream of city life.

Ollie's cousin, Natalie (check out her art here) had offered us a lift to Willemstad, but as she had some work to finish up, we had an hour or so to stroll about the city. Ever the tourist, out came my camera and here is my view of Amsterdam in an hour.


  1. Lovely pictures you made from a beautiful town
    love the bicycle so Dutch

  2. Thanks a million. Hopefully we will get to spend a little more time there the next time. I would love to see the Rijksmuseum, now that its open again

  3. One of the things from my do do list a visit to the Rijksmuseum ,