A very Dutch affair- Part 2

by Alison, 05/09/2013

So heading to the wedding I wasn't sure what to expect. My questions prior to the event yielded little information, as Ollie had never been to a Dutch wedding and was just as in the dark as I was. I wanted to know what happens, how they are different from an Irish wedding and being a typical girl, what was I supposed to wear. 

Arriving in Holland none the wiser and with no option for changing outfits, all I could do was sit back, enjoy and go where I was pointed. 

It turns out this Dutch wedding was full of many of the staples that are seen in any Irish wedding. Outside the town hall, there were curious locals stopping to get a look at the happy couple. 

There was an abundance of food, drink, and wedding cake. 

The dancing contained the usual amount of wedding cheese, though I'm still not quite sure how to describe the folk music that is typical of the south of Holland.

There was hugging, laughter and a lot of love.

There were ceremony masters (very very helpful friends) who seem to conduct the whole day, making sure that it all runs smoothly. Like a mixture between best man, bridesmaid and wedding planner.  Adding lots of extras, like sweets for the kids during the ceremony (sometimes its better to be five) and an explosion of glitter and bubbles as the couple left the town hall.
Rings were exchanged but they are worn on the right hand. Something to note if you are trying to photograph the rings surreptitiously and end up taking a photo of the wrong hand. Oops.

The meal was a gorgeous bbq, meaning no seating charts. You could move, stand, sit and chat as you desired.

The speeches were short and direct. Definitely not long enough for any gamblers to take bets on how many ''thank you's'' are said or how long they would last. I have a feeling this 'tradition' is something uniquely Irish- we love to talk, especially if it involves embarrassing a family member- meaning speeches at weddings can run to ridiculous lengths. 

There was one tradition however that neither of us understood. All the wedding party were given flowers to wear, with the mens facing up and the women's down. Can anyone explain this to us?

Finally we would just like to say 'Congratulations' to the happy couple x

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