Lahinch longboard competition 2013

by Alison, 12/09/2013

Last weekend was the 10th anniversary of the Lahinch longboard competition. A time for everybody to dust off the old logs, remember surfings roots and that once upon a time it was all about gliding and sliding with the wave. While the competition is fierce (everybody wants a chance to win the beautiful Cequential board, that is handmade for the competition every year), there is always a good atmosphere around the event. 

Little else brings Irish surfers together, like standing in the freezing cold, hooting on your mates, wishing you were wearing your winter woolies, when yesterday you were sitting happily on the prom basking in the September sunshine.

As is typical of surf competitions the waves did not cooperate. The week before was spent desperately hoping that there would be enough waves to run the competition in the town, but unfortunately it wasn't to be. This was a real shame as all the local businesses had gotten involved and put on music, meal deals, and surf films to make a proper atmosphere in the town.The competition was moved to Spanish Point, a beach 15minutes down the coast. 

Waves were small but contestable however the competition was completed in one day as the surf conditions were deteriorating. Ollie and I both competed. I in the women's event and Ollie in the Open. Unfortunately,both of us bowed out in the first round.  While the mens event has alway been strong, the women's is improving every year.

This was my third year competing and from 6 women in 2011, there were 12 competitors this year, and potential for many more. Its fantastic to see so many more and maybe someday it will be a woman taking home that gorgeous surfboard. For now though I'm starting to realise I need to up my game. Looking forward to next year.


  1. Anyway, you also had a memorable experience at the event.

  2. The excellent experience in your life :).

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