The Flags

by Ollie, 17/09/2013

I don't know if any of you have the same problem, but after having surfed a board for about a year and a half I tend to get bored with it and start looking for a new one.
A new board was definitely overdue. 

Now, we're all for supporting local shapers. Alison did her bit a while ago, when she bought her second board off Ian Johnson from Cequential Surfboards. A board which he had on the shelf.
It's a 6'0" shortboard that I tried a couple of times and was very impressed with.
So much so, that I asked Ian to make me a similar board.

To show the love for both my countries I asked Ian to paint the Irish flag on the deck and the Dutch flag on the bottom. The rails I wanted painted black. 
He probably cursed me for making his job more difficult but made a nice job of it though.
Of course another reason for the flags was to not have the exact same board as Alison haha.

The one alteration that will make a difference surfing wise is the tail. This one has a squash tail as opposed to a pin tail on Alison's board.
A squash tail makes the board more drive-y whereas a pin tail makes the turns a bit smoother.
Does it make a massive difference? I don't think this little detail will land me a spot on the WTC anytime soon. I'll have to surf both boards a good bit before I'll be able to tell the difference I suppose.

I've been over to the workshop a few times when Ian was shaping the board. I was there when he cut the first bits off the blank and it was amazing to see how within minutes the crude shape of the board appeared from the blank.

Ian has been shaping boards for decades and is a proper craftsman. He also made the first prize for the Lahinch longboard competition, which is a real beauty of a longboard. 

So if you're looking for a new surfboard, Ian Johnson from Cequential Surfboards is your man to talk to.

I have surfed the board a couple of times now but unfortunately have had a string of bad luck with it. Without even touching the water I've managed to break a fin and ding the board.
The damage has been repaired though and last weekend I surfed head high Middle Reef in Spanish Point with The Flags.
It felt amazing!
Ian Johnson, look at him go.

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  1. Wat leuk om te zien hoe zo.n board gemaakt word ,en apart allebei de vlaggen er op .daar kan je de golven wel mee bedwingen