Happy Halloween

by Alison, 31/10/2013

Just a quick 'bread' (it's pretty much cake) recipe thats very common this time of year in Ireland.  Like many of the Halloween traditions, this was another way of foretelling what the next year would bring for each individual. I can only ever remember finding the money (symbolising wealth / good luck) or the ring (symbolising marriage) as a kid, but after looking at a couple of recipes, traditionally there was also the pea (meaning you would not marry), the cloth (symbolising poverty/ bad luck) and the stick (symbolising an unhappy marriage). Whatever your fortune, it's a pretty tasty tradition. 

A journey to the Middle East; an odyssey with Cronus

by Ollie, 30/10/2013

A goodbye kiss from Alison at Shannon airport was the start of a long travel towards Qatar. 
The plane was bringing me to Holland where the mighty Cronus was waiting. The Cronus is a sturdy and powerful little tugboat of 32 by 13 meters and a crew of six. She is oddly square shaped, even for a tugboat, but that makes her ideal for assisting big dredgers, which is basically all she does.

Portuguese food.

by Alison, 28/10/2013

So today I was woken at 5.45am to a text announcing Ollie was sailing by Tunisia and tomorrow he will be in Malta. Normally I'd be pissed to be woken this early on a bank holiday but today it had me smiling. Generally when Ollie is away, he works on projects either in a port or near enough to land to mean, that he is able to text or call. However because he is on a proper sea voyage, communication at the minute is more haphazard. He often only has access to a satellite email service, so I've mainly been getting location updates. It was only last Thursday that he was sailing by Lisbon and a getting a very different view of the city we both liked so much.

Coastal Lisbon and beyond

by Alison 24/10/2013

It turns out the hostel we picked was a great location if you want to surf, see the coast and experience Lisbon. The actual reason for picking it was it's proximity to Carcavelos beach, the main contest site for the women's world tour event

Lisbon city

by Alison, 21/10/2013

Our trip to Portugal was booked at the last minute. As I mentioned in our last post, the reason for choosing this area was to catch the final event of the women's world surfing tour. Staying so close to Lisbon was just an added bonus.

We want Moore

by Alison, 17/10/2013

So two weeks ago, I packed our board-bag and suitcase, drove to Dublin to meet Ollie and the next day we hopped on a plane to Portugal. We stayed in Caxias, an area just outside Lisbon. The purpose of the trip, if holidays can have a purpose, was to see the final event of the woman's world championship tour. This years world tour had eight events. The final event of the season was held between Carcavelos and Praia de Guincho, Portugal.

Sailing to Qatar

by Ollie

Lahinch, 13 oct. 2013

Having only been back a few days from a week long holiday in Portugal (more on that to follow), work is calling again.
Tomorrow I'll be flying out to Holland where the boat is waiting for me. On Tuesday we will be sailing out of the port of Moerdijk to Doha in Qatar.
A trip that is promising to be a bit of an adventure!

Whoopie pie

by Alison, 09/10/2013

Whoopie pies. I first saw these on an old Masterchef episode about a month ago. They looked good, but then again, so does most chocolate cake in my eyes. I thought nothing more about them, until I was heading to a friends for dinner and I wanted to bring something sweet for dessert. I wandered into a bakery in Ennis and there they were again, Whoopie pies. Now that they were right in front of me, I was curious and had to try them. 

Blackberry gin

by Alison, 06/10/2013

This is our second attempt at making anything alcoholic. Early in the summer, before we started the blog, we had a disastrous attempt at making cider. Ollie grated pounds of apples before getting called to the boat. I stirred it every day for a week, and  then somehow managed to strain a very heavy enamel bucket of cider through a very tiny piece of muslin. After decanting into bottles, I waited for Ollie to come back so we could taste it together. I am so glad that I did. The cider was awful. It would have been terrible to decide whether to tell him immediately or to wait and let him see for himself. I'm still not sure if it was something in the process we did wrong, whether the bottles didn't seal right and it went bad or if the recipe just wasn't to our taste. 

Culture Night 2013- Dublin

by Alison, 02/10/2013

September 20th 2013, was Culture Night. Culture night, is the one evening in the year when the museums, galleries, theatres and buildings of note open their doors and welcome people in for free. There are live performances, street art and walking tours. The city comes alive as people wander the streets, sometimes with an agenda to get to that must see location, sometimes drifting with the crowd and taking in whatever they happen upon.