A journey to the Middle East, sailing through pirate infested waters.

by Ollie

Dubai, 26 november 2013

When we left the Suez Canal behind us, sailing was smooth again. We were sailing close to shore and the mountains on our starboard side were blocking the wind blowing in from the Sahara for us.

A journey to the Middle East, passing through the Suez Canal

by Ollie

19 November 2013, somewhere in the Persian Gulf

Malta turned out to be a very welcome break from all the rolling and pitching during the journey. We stopped there for two and a half days.

Paddle out in memory of Tom Buckley

by Alison, 19/11/2013

This weekend we said a final goodbye to Tom. Tom and Rose Buckley opened Lahinch Surf Shop in 1989. It was the first surf shop in Ireland. This small business has changed the face of the town and the lives of many people for the past 24years. Tom played a pivotal role in creating the surfing community in Lahinch. Aside from running the surf shop, Tom resurrected the West Coast Surf Club and provided encouragement, advice and friendship to every surfer who has walked through the shop doors. 

Pumpkin pie

by Alison, 16/11/2013 

Definitely the last pumpkin recipe. I have no more pumpkins and thankfully (for your sakes) neither does Supervalu.  Pumpkin pie is one of those recipes that has also made me go, 'Really?'. Like carrot cake, when I first heard about it I was uncertain. A sweet vegetable dessert. It sounded like a waste of good pastry. However post-Halloween, I had an abundance of pumpkins so it was time to experiment. 

The Food Temple- Pumpkin and roast chestnut soup

by Alison, 11/11/2013

The Food Temple was a lovely vegetarian restaurant we stumbled upon in Lisbon. I really do mean stumbled upon. We decided to take a wander and ended up in an area called Martim Moniz. We strolled up some alleys, avoided some others and were intrigued when we came across a small courtyard, with tables laid outside, a brightly lit doorway and a lovely smell. I later learned this is one of the few areas to survive the 1755 earthquake. You really get a sense of time standing still. The lanes are only wide enough to walk down and at night the old streets lamps make the cobbles glow.

Brandon Bay Surf Classic 2013

by Alison, 07/11/2013

Short days and long evenings mean that you have to pack any surf time or vitamin D into the weekends. Over the last bank holiday I was lucky enough to hop on the ferry and go to Kerry for the Brandon Bay Surf Classic. 


by Alison, 04/11/2013

Last Tuesday I got to Skype Ollie  and well there was a surprise awaiting me. Gone was my boyfriend and hello Mustachio Man. Having been sailing through some pretty rough seas, shaving was an after thought until he reached the calm port of Valletta, Malta. Then being the joker he is, he decided to have a bit of fun with me, hence the tache. Turns out the joke was on him because after I adjusted (well actually I might have to see him face to face for that), I asked him was he going to do Movember.