Christmas day swim

by Alison, 29/12/2013

What better way to earn your Christmas dinner then taking a very quick dip in the freezing cold Irish sea? 

Mince pies

by Alison, 22/12/2013

Finally, I have finished work and I am free for the holidays :) It's been a nutty month, definitely silly season in work and the last week of storms provided plenty of entertainment. Trying to catch all the leaks and make it from the car to our gate without the sea spray soaking you has been a challenge some days. If you haven't seen them yet check out Ollie's last post for some crazy photos of our last week. Here's a couple that have also appeared on our instagram in the last week.

The Wild West Coast

by Ollie, 20/12/2013

It's that time of year again.
That time when ferocious winds and swell batter the house. Sunshine gets exchanged for rain, hail and darkness about every 15 minutes. 
It's when Met √Čireann declares status red and Christmas trees go flying through the streets that you realize you're better off to batten the hatches, dig in with hot whiskeys, mince pies and a big old roaring fire and give out about the weather. It is an endless source of conversation, especially here in Ireland where we have lots of weather.

Christmas cribs

by  Alison, 16/12/2013

On Friday evening, we did something that as a couple we have only ever done once before. We went to church. The Catholic church in Liscannor, a village 10 minutes drive away from us, to be precise.


by Ollie, 12/12/2013

A while ago we mentioned that Phillip Morrison was going to hold an exhibition of some of his work in Dublin.
Seeing as we mentioned the exhibition I thought I may as well go and actually see it for myself. So, consequently, I made the journey to Dublin.

Winter warmer

by Alison, 08/12/2013

Summer holidays mean lot of things to a lot of people. For some people its lying in and knowing that the whole day, in fact the whole week is yours, for others its rising early and making the most of every moment. Whatever your preference, one thing most people have in common is that their summer holidays, take place in the summer.

A journey to the Middle East, home again.

by Ollie

Lahinch, 04/12/2013

A welcome kiss from Alison spelled the end of my journey to the Middle East. Finally I'm home again.
It took just about six weeks to sail from Moerdijk in the Netherlands to Dubai and only six hours to fly back home again.

The Morrison Gallery

by Alison  and  Ollie, 01/12/2013

Phillip Morrison is a Welsh born artist with a small gallery in the centre of Lahinch. We first got to know Philip while we were browsing his shop for presents and  enjoying the warm colours and gorgeous images that can brighten up any misty wet day. Ollie gave me our first print within a couple of months of moving into Lahinch and we now have three hanging proudly on the wall.