A journey to the Middle East, home again.

by Ollie

Lahinch, 04/12/2013

A welcome kiss from Alison spelled the end of my journey to the Middle East. Finally I'm home again.
It took just about six weeks to sail from Moerdijk in the Netherlands to Dubai and only six hours to fly back home again.

It has been an interesting trip but the best part of it was coming home. 

Some photos to sum up the trip:

On the river, outbound to sea. Here we were just about to pass the Spijkenisse bridge.
The white cliffs of Dover
Gannets. Beautiful, graceful birds. We saw loads of them while in the English Channel.
Sunset in the English Channel. The seas were already rough here, but nothing like in the Bay of Biscay.

This is what it looked like in Biscay
The Atlas Mountains on the Moroccan side of the Strait of Gibraltar. Reaching the Strait of Gibraltar meant we finally had a break from the rough weather.
We spotted many dolphins along the way.

A video of some of the dolphins we met
Sunset in the Mediterranean.
This robin decided to join while sailing through the Mediterranean, brightening up the place a bit.
The chart table on the bridge.
The bridge
This is the deck crane, the top part of which ended up in a lot of photos I took. 
The bridge seen from deck.
Approaching Valletta, Malta.
Valletta, a beautiful old town.
Sunset in the Grand Harbor of Valletta. 
Grand harbor, Valletta
Sunrise in the Med
The Artemis on our port bow. From Malta all the way to Muscat the Artemis stuck to us like a fly on poo.
Suez Canal covered in mist and loads of little fishing boats.
A fisherman on the Great Bitter Lake, Suez Canal.
The ditch in the desert.
A mosque on the western bank of the Suez Canal.
Catch of the day.
Razor wire, strung all around the ship, meant to keep pirates out.
The captain pretending he's busy.
New outfit complete with Movember tache.
Rough seas in the Red Sea.
Cronus in the Red Sea, seen from Artemis.
Another shot of Cronus seen from Artemis.
Our home made BBQ. Besides keeping pirates out, razor wire is excellent for making grills.
The crew enjoying the BBQ
Cooky preparing some meat. As you can see he didn't like our home made grill. He put the grill from the oven on top of it.
Muscat, the port of Muscat has the fantastic sounding name of Port Sultan Qaboos.
Pirate or fisherman?
Night vision.
Our marine detachement. We slept soundly knowing these lads were on board to protect us.
The skyline of Dubai seen from the anchorage.
The lads having the craic and doing a bit of fishing.
Arabian sunset.
The port of Dubai seen from the bridge.
Dubai's skyline with the Burj al Khalifa, which I believe is the tallest building on earth at the moment.
Dubai, at the end of our journey. 

I hope you enjoyed this virtual travel on Cronus.


  1. prachtige foto,s leuke video vooral de dolfijnen gelukkig is alles goed gegaan

  2. Ollie, I hope that pic of you never comes back to haunt you! #hilarious!

    1. Haha it is seriously dodgy looking and im not just talking about the tache. Travelling in the states so hopefully no one gets too curious. Its already hard enough when they look at his passport and see all the random visas.