Christmas cribs

by  Alison, 16/12/2013

On Friday evening, we did something that as a couple we have only ever done once before. We went to church. The Catholic church in Liscannor, a village 10 minutes drive away from us, to be precise.

We were brought there by the intriguing idea that every December, for one weekend only, the priest in Liscannor displays his immense collection of cribs. This may not sound very interesting until you witness the sheer variety and size of the collection. There were about 500 hundred cribs on display, of all shape and sizes and made from every conceivable material- wood, stone, straw, paper, felt, wool. As Ollie pointed out it was an anthropologists dream. Every country / society was uniquely reflected in the individual cribs. Each family reflected either the ethnicity, society or beliefs of the culture. From the Amish dolls which had no faces to the Canadian aboriginals who layed baby Jesus in a canoe rather then a manger.

We were also very lucky with our timing.  When we called in the priest was finishing off labelling the collection, so we got a small personal tour of some of his favourites. From the Portugeuse crib set in a Port wine cork to the Liscannor lobster shell, where with a little imagination you can see the figures hidden in the folds of the membrane.

Here are some shots of our favorites. Leave a comment below if you can guess which countries any of these are from.


  1. i think some off China ,Japan russia ?they are Beautiful

  2. No doubt a lot of them are made in China :-) there's definitely one from Japan amongst them though

  3. looking for one Dutch crib if i find one will send him over