by Ollie, 12/12/2013

A while ago we mentioned that Phillip Morrison was going to hold an exhibition of some of his work in Dublin.
Seeing as we mentioned the exhibition I thought I may as well go and actually see it for myself. So, consequently, I made the journey to Dublin.

The exhibition was held in the Oscar Wilde House, which is part of the American College, on Merrion Square. It is a beautiful Georgian building where the writer himself grew up.
The Wilde family must have been well off if they were able to afford such an elegant building. What ever the case though, the building definitely added to the atmosphere of the exhibition.

Phillip had about 25 of his paintings on display. A good deal of them depicting scenes of Dublin of course, like the excellent piece of the Samuel Beckett Bridge and the one of the Grand Canal Theater.
But there were also paintings of scenes in County Clare, Biarritz and some of his animal portraits.

My favorite painting of the exhibition though, is the one of Clahane. Granted, I may be a bit biased because it is a scene close to home, but I love the way he captured the scene in the vibrant colors and twirling lines that are so typical for his style.
Clahane is one of our favorite spots in the County, we love to go there to swim or have BBQs in the summer or watch the swell battering the cliffs in the winter.
The thing that I think makes this painting brilliant is having the rails of the little steel steps that people can use to get in the water, in it.
Without them it would be a beautiful scene, but one like many others. It's the addition of that little detail that makes the painting fantastic. 
Well in my view anyway.  

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