The Morrison Gallery

by Alison  and  Ollie, 01/12/2013

Phillip Morrison is a Welsh born artist with a small gallery in the centre of Lahinch. We first got to know Philip while we were browsing his shop for presents and  enjoying the warm colours and gorgeous images that can brighten up any misty wet day. Ollie gave me our first print within a couple of months of moving into Lahinch and we now have three hanging proudly on the wall.

Philip's art resonates with us and it seems with many of our family and friends. He creates a reflection of the local area that you may not be able to imagine but when presented with it, you can revel in the joy and vitality of the images. His art is warm, inviting and generous, which in our opinion makes it a reflection of Philip. 

Philip has a very identifiable style that is very much his own. His use of bright colors,  twirling lines and subtle humor has the power to turn even a mundane field with nothing but sheep droppings in it, into the most beautiful and lively scene. Yet you will still be able to identify it as that field. His work offers an escape from reality without the use of substances and that is exactly what good art is supposed to be.

When stopping by you will often find Phillip painting or preparing a new project in the gallery. Its lovely to see the creative process in action and see a piece of work go from rough sketches to canvas.

He produces many scenes of the local area, particularly street scenes. However it is the surf art that for obvious reasons holds a special place in our hearts. Images of swirling seas, bright boards and perfect lines ripple off the canvas. Sky and sea merge with converging lines and there is movement and life to his paintings.

While focusing mainly on the west coast of Ireland it is lovely to see his re-imagining of other areas that are close to our hearts, such as Dublin and Biarritz. 

This Tuesday and Wednesday, the 3rd and 4th of Dec 2013, Philip has an exhibition 'Journeys' in the Oscar Wilde House, 1 Merrion Square, Dublin. The exhibition is open from 6-8pm on Tuesday and from 10-4pm on Wednesday. If you are in Dublin, needing some relief from the grey skies, we would highly recommend you go along. One moment in a room of his paintings will relieve all signs of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) and who knows you might just find that perfect Christmas present. If you can't make the exhibition but are curious about his work, click on his name above and follow the link to his website.

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