Island life

by Alison, 30/01/2014

Once again a very delayed post but we love this place so much (as we first showed you here), I wanted to share these new years photos with you. New years on Achill Island is a bit of a tradition with my college friends. Houses are booked and people stay from anything from one night to a week. Depending on our level of organisation we sometimes stay with the main group, sometimes in my parents house. Either way its so lovely to share this special place with all these nutty, amazing people.

Sometimes you just have to jump


by Alison, 29/01/2014

This was my 27th birthday present from Ollie-sky diving over the North Shore of Oahu. Funnily enough, I was nearly as excited checking out the surf breaks from the air on the way up, as I was free falling on the way down. 

Apple and hazelnut porridge

by Alison, 26/01/2014

Breakfast foods have got to be some of my favourite foods. Whether its a quick pitta with scrambled eggs and spinach or a bowl of homemade granola, I love it. I rarely skip it (mainly as I am then a demon for anybody else to be around). 

Walking in a winter wonderland

by Alison, 22/01/2014 

The holidays now feel like a distant memory. Luckily these days our lives are pretty well documented so even though its been a few weeks, there are plenty of photographs to remind us of more relaxed days. While winter is definitely a time to get cosy by the fire, the crisp air and blue light has a pull to it that makes walking really special.

Herculean swells

by Alison, 19/01/2014

So over the last while I've been filling you in on our experience of the massive swells and storms that have been ravishing the Irish coast. 

While the storms wrecked more then a little havoc in our lives, luckily there were some people, mad enough and talented enough to take advantage of the them. Such as Nic von Rupp as shot by Christian McLeod in the photo above.

Disaster tourism

by Alison, 15/01/2014

Disaster tourism is a phrase we have heard a lot over the past while. From the morning of the 3rd January the town was filled with people coming to look and wonder at the might and power of the ocean and the havoc it can cause. I can't claim to be any different. There is a morbid fascination to seeing places you have known and loved be so utterly changed and in such a short period of time. 

Starting it off with a bang- Part 2

by Alison, 11/01/2014

Going back in the house was a bit nerve wracking until the electricity was turned off. There was that moment of anxiety when Ollie walked in the door, hoping that there was no currents running through the water.

Starting it off with a bang- Part 1

by Alison, 10/01/2014

I can't believe its only been a week since our last post. New Years feels an awfully long time ago. 

We arrived home on the 1st of January, sleepy and happy from a great Christmas in Dublin and plenty of New Years shennanigans on Achill Island. Having spent the holidays eating, hanging out with friends and family, hiking in the Dublin & Wicklow Mountains and surfing in Achill we thought we were ready for all the adventures the new year had to offer.

A very belated Happy New Year!


Very sorry for the delay. We were lucky enough to spend the new year in the company of these happy shiny people, on the beautiful Achill Island (If you have never heard of Achill check out our post from last August). Fortunately or unfortunately (I'm never quite sure these days) our internet access was minimal so we are a bit late with our new years wishes.