Disaster tourism

by Alison, 15/01/2014

Disaster tourism is a phrase we have heard a lot over the past while. From the morning of the 3rd January the town was filled with people coming to look and wonder at the might and power of the ocean and the havoc it can cause. I can't claim to be any different. There is a morbid fascination to seeing places you have known and loved be so utterly changed and in such a short period of time. 

Rocks thrown onto the prom. Some of these reached the main street.
Road blocks, Lahinch town
On occasions where I wasn't part of a disaster I have often felt strange seeing or capturing moments that have caused others distress. I'm not certain that all moments need to or should be documented. This time having been at the heart of it gave me a sense of wanting capture and preserve it. To make the experience a bit more tangible.  

Here are some shots we have captured over the past week or so, plus two we borrowed from our friend Ruth. Some we shot on SLR, others on iPhones or compact cameras. Whatever was to hand while we were running around trying to get ourselves back to normal again.
Time to resurface
Amazing volunteers
New inland waterways
Falls in full flow
Rails ripped away, Lahinch prom
Flood plains
New and old swimming pools
Seaweed up to the roadside

Liscannor harbour wall ripped away

Pitch and putt car park
Finally, time to clean up 

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  1. theres a lot of damage it will take time before every thing clean up