Herculean swells

by Alison, 19/01/2014

So over the last while I've been filling you in on our experience of the massive swells and storms that have been ravishing the Irish coast. 

While the storms wrecked more then a little havoc in our lives, luckily there were some people, mad enough and talented enough to take advantage of the them. Such as Nic von Rupp as shot by Christian McLeod in the photo above.

Here are some of the images that have made my toes curl. All credit to the amazing photographers who captured these images. It's a privilege to see the level of talent in front of and behind the lens.

Barry Mottershead by Christian McLeod
Peter Conroy by Christian McLeod 
Ollie O'Flaherty by Michal Czubala / Offshore Watersports Mullaghmore
Shambles McGoldrick by Michal Czubala / Offshore Watersports Mullaghmore
Conor Flanagan by Colin Gillen

Finally a video by Gavin Gallagher and James Skerrit to really make your stomach flip.


  1. Just got round to watching the video now, brillant stuff!

    1. Yeah these lads are just awesome. No idea how they do it.