Starting it off with a bang- Part 2

by Alison, 11/01/2014

Going back in the house was a bit nerve wracking until the electricity was turned off. There was that moment of anxiety when Ollie walked in the door, hoping that there was no currents running through the water.

After that it was just sad and overwhelming. There was just water, sand and glass throughout the first two floors. One positive was that the water that had entered the house had either flowed out the door or back out the window, so there was no large build up of water.

All that was left was to try and salvage everything we could (which luckily was most things),   clean up what we could and prepare the house for the next high tide. 

We spent two days packing, moving and salvaging. I cannot thank people enough.  People gave their time, energy, support and help without hesitation. They just wandered up the stairs and started pitching in. 

To everyone else who offered cars to move gear, beds to stay in, space to store our mountains of stuff, washing machines and general moral support thank you! I've been over-whelmed by peoples generosity.

For the moment we have a temporary home in the hills. All I can say is that if a wave gets us here, everyone is in trouble. 


  1. so sad to see the house this way

  2. So so sad. When you walk in now, its dark and empty and damp. Pretty much the opposite of how it used to be.

  3. Maybe in time it will be that lovely home again