by Alison, 28/02/2014 

As we mentioned before we stayed with Bryn and Lyndsey in Santa Cruz using Airbnb. In Santa Barbara we once again used Airbnb and again we lucked out. Our stay in Mark and Jen's casita was possibly even nicer. In Bryn and Lyndsey's defence, Mark and Jen had the lovely southern Californian weather working in their favour. 

Cruising Santa Cruz

by Alison, 27/02/2014

Unfortunately there was no surf while we were in Santa Cruz. Steamer Lane was just a ripple but that still didn't stop us from having a great time. 

Bye California, hello Nicaragua

by Alison, 24/02/2014

So long California. It has been awesome. Amazing scenery, great weather (even if the Californians think its cold), some lovely waves and we loved the surf scene and vibe here. Life is lived on the beach as it should be.

L.A. daze

by Alison, 23/02/2014

We are now in LA and have been based here since the 19th Feb. It's our last stop on what has been an amazing trip down the Californian coast. We are still finding our feet when it comes to blogging on the road. We promise to show you all the places we have been but for the minute we want to show you our final stop before we leave Cali.  

Mavericks magic

by Alison, 20/02/2014

Leaving San Fransico went smoothly or so we thought. We collected the car and made it out of the city without a hitch. We were on the road and started down Highway 1. Very quickly you leave the city behind and are greeted by stunning coastline. The fog that can steal all sunlight can also create the most dramatic views.

Sitting on the dock of a bay

by Alison, 18/02/2014 

Standing proudly in full view, shrouded in mist or peaking out from between the clouds.The Golden Gate has many faces. Iconic and beautiful, it was one of the things Ollie and I most wanted to see. We are definitely typical tourists in this respect.

The rock

by Alison, 16/02/2014

The first thing we did in San Fran was to take a ferry out to Alcatraz Island. Alcatraz sits in the middle in San Francisco bay. It has been a military fort, a prison, a protest site and is now a state park. However the reason we went to see it, was to learn more about its most famous incarnation as a maximum security prison which held America's most notorious gangsters. 

Living in Turkmenbashi for four weeks

by Ollie, 13/02/2014 

At the moment myself and Alison are living it up in California, if only for a little while. Before we went on our holiday though, I was working in Turkmenistan for four weeks. Our next post will be all about California and its delights, but first some more on Turkmenistan. 

California here we come

                                          by Alison, 11/02/2014 

Packing, repacking, airport buses, clearing security and of course delays in Dublin airport. Finally we are in our way.

Following the golden road to Samarkand, sort of…

by Ollie, 09/02/2014

I am in Turkmenistan
Where is that?
It’s in central Asia
What are you doing there?
I am working there
Working? But does it have a coastline?
It does indeed, 1740 km of it in fact
In central Asia?
But how is that by the sea?
It’s on the Caspian Sea
Oh right so

Sticky gingerbread with a lemon drizzle

By Alison, 06/02/2014

We rarely buy the paper these days. Ollie avidly reads it online and I'm sorry to say that I could go days without remembering too. However with the recent floods, Lahinch has been front page news and we had to take a look. Browsing the Saturday magazine I came across this cake by Eunice Power.

Home in the hills

by Alison, 03/02/2014 

I spent last weekend in Dublin celebrating my birthday with family and friends, eating too much lovely food and taking it easy. I had a great weekend and it was a strange feeling when returning to Clare to drive by Lahinch and continue on into the hills. Even worse, this weekend Lahinch was once again ravaged by high seas and swells, and it was hard to think about the damage that was done to the the town once again.