by Alison, 28/02/2014 

As we mentioned before we stayed with Bryn and Lyndsey in Santa Cruz using Airbnb. In Santa Barbara we once again used Airbnb and again we lucked out. Our stay in Mark and Jen's casita was possibly even nicer. In Bryn and Lyndsey's defence, Mark and Jen had the lovely southern Californian weather working in their favour. 

This time we had use of a really cute little room in their back garden, which gave us lots of privacy. Since the weather was so good we could sit outside on the patio and have breakfast in the sunshine. They were totally relaxed and easy going, with an interest in surfing and great taste in food it would be hard not to love it here. Speaking of food, we ate at The Hungry Cat on their recommendation and while it wasn't cheap the fish was delicious. We even tried sea urchins for the first time. Apparently it was the season on the channel islands.

We arrived in Santa Barbara just in time for a stroll on the beach. The beach in Santa Barbara is long and golden but utterly confusing. You would think being in California you would see the sunset right in the ocean but Santa Barbara being orientated south you need to walk past a surf break called Leadbetter beach and around the headland in time to catch the sun falling into the sea. 


  1. California dreaming!!!!!!!

  2. Looks amazing. Def going to give airbnb a go after seeing that!

  3. Looks amazing. Def going to give airbnb a go after seeing that!

  4. Definitely California dreaming. We couldn't have found nicer people. We are now definitely fans, though we still feel that we got really lucky. Definitely intrigued to try it and Ireland and Europe in general.