Cruising Santa Cruz

by Alison, 27/02/2014

Unfortunately there was no surf while we were in Santa Cruz. Steamer Lane was just a ripple but that still didn't stop us from having a great time. 

This was our first time using Airbnb and we stayed with a lovely couple right in the heart of Santa Cruz. Air bnb is a worldwide website that facilitates private rentals, anything from rooms to houses. Neither of us had ever heard of it before but Bryn and Lyndsey were fantastic hosts and its definitely a great way to see a town. 

Staying with locals you get the inside knowledge on where to go and where to eat. Bryn and Lyndsey even had a hand-drawn map to make sure guests got all their favourites. 
One of them being Burger, a place with a nice vibe, good music, good local beers and, unsurprisingly, some seriously good burgers.

Another perk of staying here was having access to some local transport- two nifty beach cruisers. From these we were able to check out the town at our leisure. 

They definitely helped us see some sights we would have missed while driving. The most amazing being this sea otter, chilling out and having his breakfast about two meters from shore.


  1. you sure it wasn't ollie chilling in the water and just forgot to shave that morning?

    1. Granted, I hadn't shaved in a while but I can't say I'm very good with the old rock on the tummy. Pretty sure it wasn't me so

  2. Beautiful pictures nice to see the Otter don,t know his name but i,m sure it is not ollie