Home in the hills

by Alison, 03/02/2014 

I spent last weekend in Dublin celebrating my birthday with family and friends, eating too much lovely food and taking it easy. I had a great weekend and it was a strange feeling when returning to Clare to drive by Lahinch and continue on into the hills. Even worse, this weekend Lahinch was once again ravaged by high seas and swells, and it was hard to think about the damage that was done to the the town once again.

We have been in our temporary home for four weeks now (though Ollie have been in Turkmenistan for most of it) and I've been settling into a slightly different type of routine. People may laugh but I've never lived anywhere I couldn't walk out my door to a shop or to meet somebody, so while we are not far away its taken some getting used to.  However there are plenty of good things. When the wind isn't howling I wake up to the sound of birds which is something I haven't really heard since I moved to Lahinch and it is nice seeing the area from a different vantage point. Instead of spectacular winter sunsets when the sun dips into the ocean, I now watch the sun rise over Lahinch slowly lighting up the hills, town and bay.

Though they are few and far between, there have been clear nights when the sky is lit up with stars.

We are also a lot closer to the Cliffs of Moher and instead of walking the beach, I've found myself gravitating there a little more. It's generally Ollie who goes on photography trips and I tag along. However they feel like a more active presence now. I swear on still days you can hear the waves crashing in the distance.

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  1. Sorry to hear Lahinch is damage once again