L.A. daze

by Alison, 23/02/2014

We are now in LA and have been based here since the 19th Feb. It's our last stop on what has been an amazing trip down the Californian coast. We are still finding our feet when it comes to blogging on the road. We promise to show you all the places we have been but for the minute we want to show you our final stop before we leave Cali.  
We are staying in Surf City Hostel in Hermosa beach. It's a pretty sweet location, right on the beach. LA is big, busy and sprawling so its nice to stay in what feels comparatively like a small beach town. Even though 'nobody walks in LA', here you actually can easily walk or bike. The hostel is friendly but bring your ear plugs. It's literally on top of two pubs so if you like your sleep you are going to need them and then make sure you are seriously tired. Though they will do nothing to stop the place vibrating from the music. 

If you have a car, plenty of time and are willing to sit through a 'little' traffic you can definitely enjoy a 24hour beach life with a difference in L.A. Our hometown LA-hinch looks a little different. Though to be honest if I had to choose between this city and our town I know which one I would pick.

So this is what our first 24hours in L.A. looked like. First we arrived just in time to catch an amazing sunset on Hermosa Pier.

Wake up early, jump in the car and drive to Malibu. The waves were absolutely tiny when we arrived but even with a lackluster swell the shape was perfect. This wave just peels so steadily along the point. I would love to see it on a decent swell. Here we rented some logs and it was the beginning of my longing for a long board out here. These waves are perfect for them. 

Malibu is expensive and big beach side houses are the dream. In the last two months we have had a lot of people telling us our home was built too close to the sea. Just take a look at these houses, a little bit scary especially as all along the coastal highway you see signs for  tsunami evacuation routes.

However back to the golden sand and perfectly peeling waves. Who wouldn't want to be like these old dudes. Turn up at the beach, hang out with your buddies, shoot the breeze and surf all day in the sunshine.

 For a bit of contrast we spent the afternoon in Venice. Brash and loud the boardwalk is packed full of touts, tourists, skater, performers and any number of locals taking in the crazy. Fortunately once you hit the sand it all becomes pretty calm again. This being L.A. you might just be asked to wait a moment while they shoot a scene before you walk on by.

The end to a sun filled day, another massive sunset and some fresh, tasty and cheap Vietnamese food.


  1. Hi guys, you should go more south and stay a few nights at Laguna Beach or San Clemente :) it´s really worth it and, in our opinion of course, much better than those beaches close to LA. Have fun and hope you score some good waves!
    Greets from Lisbon!

  2. Hey Lisbon Surf House, you are so right. We drove to Encinitas for the day and ended up loving it so much that we slept in the car and surfed there the next day too. Had to come back to LA to meet a friend and to get organised before the next part of the adventure, Nicaragua. Thanks a million for the advice though. Hopefully we will get back to Portugal in the near future, love our time with you guys but it was too short. If you have any advice for Nicaragua, we are open to suggestions. Alison and Ollie

  3. Yo Allie and Ollie, so glad that you guys saw so many different parts of Cali, it's the only way to see the state. Even though I love LA, I think people miss out on alot of what CA has to offer when they only hit LA, SF, or SD. You guys did it right! Come back soon ya'hear?


    1. Hey Tommy!! So so nice to hear from you again. Oh man if I could I would jump on a plane tomorrow. Loved Cali and there are still so many places to explore. Would love to travel north and into the mountains and make it all the way to SD. Possibly try out some camper van life :) Really wish we had managed to meet up with you guys on your flying visit to this fair isle. And though we probably wont make it, we will be celebrating your wedding in spirit as it is bound to be the shindig of the year. Hope you guys are well!