Mavericks magic

by Alison, 20/02/2014

Leaving San Fransico went smoothly or so we thought. We collected the car and made it out of the city without a hitch. We were on the road and started down Highway 1. Very quickly you leave the city behind and are greeted by stunning coastline. The fog that can steal all sunlight can also create the most dramatic views.

We were pulling in to check the surf (or so I thought) when Ollie reached for the car manual. Next he was checking the tyres and there was a large bulge in a very soft looking tyre. Luckily we must have happened upon one of the only petrol stations with actual mechanics. They took one look, made some worried faces and told us to call our insurance company. 

Two hours and a new car later we were on our way to Santa Cruz. On the way I was determined to see Mavericks. The light was starting to stretch as we entered pillar point harbour but we still had to figure out where to go.  We just drove towards the observatory and crossed our fingers. When we found the car park we had a choice of two directions, a lower road out around the base of a headland or a higher road leading to views from a bluff  high above the waves. We chose to go up and were rewarded not only with views of Mavericks (though not at full strength) and the boneyard but also the most stunning sunset.

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