Sitting on the dock of a bay

by Alison, 18/02/2014 

Standing proudly in full view, shrouded in mist or peaking out from between the clouds.The Golden Gate has many faces. Iconic and beautiful, it was one of the things Ollie and I most wanted to see. We are definitely typical tourists in this respect.
We really shouldn't have worried about seeing the bridge. From ferry rides to hilltop views there are a hundred ways to see it. One thing we can definitely recommend is renting a bike and getting up close and personal. You can cycle from San Francisco to the bridge, across it and over to Sausolito. From there a ferry will take you back across the bay, skirting around the islands including Alcatraz. The bike ride it about 8 miles in total and really can be taken at your own pace (though I'm ashamed to say I was a bit saddle sore by the end).

The cycle really is gorgeous, taking you out of the city centre, and around the bay. Sausolito is a lovely little town and we can highly recommend having a drink and listening to the sounds of the boats and sea before returning back to the more chaotic city.

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