All before breakfast

by Alison, 16/03/2014

 Every morning here has been pretty special. For me just to wake up and not have to go to work makes a day pretty awesome. However to wake up somewhere tropical, with the sea a stones throw away and the knowledge that surf and sunshine are guaranteed, well that's hard to beat. 

Let's talk about wine

by Ollie, 12/03/2014

Ever heard about the Santa Ynez Valley? No? Well, neither had we until we came to California, but we found out in a very pleasant way that it is another one of California's beautiful wine growing regions.

Ola Nicaragua!!

by Ollie, 08/03/2014

Having spent 2 amazing weeks in California, we were buzzing to get to our next destination: Nicaragua!

Big Sur Part 2

by Alison and Ollie, 07/03/2014 

Big Sur is home to multiple national parks. There is limited accomodation in hotels ect but the prices on any type of lodging is expensive. We opted to buy a cheap mattress and duvet, pay for a camping spot and sleep in the car.

Big Sur Part 1

by Alison and Ollie, 06/03/2014 

Big Sur. Big Sur was inspiring. Our Lonely Planet described it as ' more a state of mind then a place on a map'. The coast is rugged and craggy, with what we would call mountains and what Americans call hills, falling down into the sea. There are no definitive boundaries but once you leave Monterey and head south to Carmel the landscape opens up, the traffic slows and you will definitely want to pull over and take in the view about every 100 meters.