All before breakfast

by Alison, 16/03/2014

 Every morning here has been pretty special. For me just to wake up and not have to go to work makes a day pretty awesome. However to wake up somewhere tropical, with the sea a stones throw away and the knowledge that surf and sunshine are guaranteed, well that's hard to beat. 

I love when mother nature proves you wrong. 

First she warms up with a beautiful sunrise. 

Then she decides that the reef and beach that have been pounding you all week are going to mellow slightly. Just enough to let you catch one lovely right hand wave. 

However these were just a warm up for the main event: Sea turtles. Baby sea turtles making their way out to the open ocean. I've watched it on television but I never thought I would just stumble upon it. 

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I wear a silver pendent of a sea turtle around my neck pretty much every day. It's a charm my parents had made for me and I love it. I suppose it has given me an affinity for these creatures and this is the third country I have been lucky to see them in. But never like this. Teeny tiny and struggling to make it to the ocean. 

We found two little guys, one was fighting fit and made the swim as we watched.

The other guy was struggling, he just lay there, only moving a little bit.He seemed exhausted and right or wrong we gave him a helping hand to get closer to the water. I don't know if it was the right thing to do, he is a wild creature but here these animals are under constant threat of poaching and it seemed better to give one of the survivors a shot.

All this happened before breakfast.


  1. That is such a you story!! What gorgeous little things.

  2. What a lovely morning. Hope the little guy made it.

  3. Amazing morning. Think the first little guy had a fighting chance. I think the second guy may have been too far gone. They really were the stragglers of the bunch.

  4. @ Emer yup havent really grown up since collecting stray dogs in the park and trying to save baby birds. A sucker for anything small and cute. So cool to see them but I dont know how any of them make it down the beach, through the gulls and then out into pounding surf. Feisty little things.