Big Sur Part 1

by Alison and Ollie, 06/03/2014 

Big Sur. Big Sur was inspiring. Our Lonely Planet described it as ' more a state of mind then a place on a map'. The coast is rugged and craggy, with what we would call mountains and what Americans call hills, falling down into the sea. There are no definitive boundaries but once you leave Monterey and head south to Carmel the landscape opens up, the traffic slows and you will definitely want to pull over and take in the view about every 100 meters.

To us Big Sur meant ocean views and redwood forests. 

While we were in Northern California the one thing you could not avoid was talk of droughts. In Santa Cruz, Bryn was explaining that they had not had 3 consecutive days of rain in 2 years. You could see evidence of this in Big Sur. The ground was dry, the grass brown and in the forests there was evidence of fires. 

However despite all this, within the forests themselves it did, as the ranger who checked us into our campsite described it, look like Middle-earth.  The forests were lined with ferns and the trees muffled all outside noise giving an amazing sense of calm.  We only had time to hike two short trails but even on these easy walks we felt absorbed by the forest.  


  1. What a beautiful place ,and the forrest amazing
    weet niet of ik het goed hebt neergepend maar adembenemend mooie foto,s

  2. Ik denk dat iedereen wel begrijpt wat je bedoelt. Bedankt voor het compliment!

  3. Astonishing pic's Ollie and Alison! Leaves me envious and wanting to go there again. Did you already get your 'America The Beautiful-pass'? You get is after visiting several NP-visits. Geniet ervan!

    1. Good to hear from you dude! Unfortunately we didn't get that pass and we have already left California. Not to worry though, we are now in Nicaragua. Fun times! Bedankt oudste!