Big Sur Part 2

by Alison and Ollie, 07/03/2014 

Big Sur is home to multiple national parks. There is limited accomodation in hotels ect but the prices on any type of lodging is expensive. We opted to buy a cheap mattress and duvet, pay for a camping spot and sleep in the car.

Since we had no actual camping gear we ate some really good food at Ventana Inn during the day. Everything is expensive in Big Sur as options are limited but the views here definitely made it worth it.

Other meals were a bit of a mix. Whatever had survived the trip in our cooler bag. Toasted marshmallows, a nice fire and a bottle of red wine were a surprisingly pleasing combination.

We stayed in Limekiln national park. So named for the  kilns where they used to burn the limestone in to make cement in the 1880s. Unfortunately all the ancient redwoods that grew in the area were cut down to fuel the kiln's fires in the space of only 3 years.

The redwoods returned, and even though they haven't reached their majestic hights of old growth redwoods yet, they are already stunning! 

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