Ola Nicaragua!!

by Ollie, 08/03/2014

Having spent 2 amazing weeks in California, we were buzzing to get to our next destination: Nicaragua!

On the flight from LA to Managua, Delta Airlines managed to get our surfboards lost (again), and Alison's case. Even so, this didn't lessen our thrill of being in a new country. Our first stop was San Juan Del Sur. Not having the boards was actually a bit of a blessing, because instead of rushing into the surf head over heels, it now meant we had some time to explore the town.

San Juan is a funky little town right on the beach in a small bay surrounded by hills with a big Jesus statue watching over the place. It used to be a sleepy little fishing village which now is something of a surf/tourist hub. There are plenty of bars and restaurants and also the chance to do some shopping. Very handy for Ali seeing as she had to wait 2 days for her case to show up.

We stayed in a small guesthouse called Hotel Maracuya. It is up a short but steep hill making for amazing views across the bay.

Funnily enough there's no surf directly in the town, the bay is very sheltered. To get to the surfing beaches around the town you have to get a shuttle bus or a taxi. When we had our boards back again (thank you Delta for taking good care of them) we took a taxi to a beach called Hermosa. The surf was small but fun and the beach absolutely stunning and uncrowded.

We've fallen in love with this country straight away. It's so colourful and vibrant, the food is amazing  and cheap as chips, and the locals are very friendly, though it's a bit hard to talk to them because we only have 2 words of Spanish between us.

At the moment we've sort of settled down in Popoyo a bit and we've done a little side trip to Granada. More on that later, for now we are enjoying the surf, sunshine and the occasional Flor de CaƱa con Coke. Cheers!

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