Fantastic Mister Fox

by Alison, 21/04/2014

This morning we had a new neighbour come to visit our garden. Even though I'm from the city I've seen plenty of foxes. In fact I've seen an awful lot more in Dublin then I've ever seen in Clare. Including one avidly chasing after a football on the cricket grounds in Trinity College. However city foxes tend to be skinny and pretty unhealthy looking. This fox or vixen was a beauty. Hopefully it wasn't a once off visit.

Hot cross buns

by Alison, 20/04/2014

Happy Easter :) I sound like a broken record at this stage but Ollie is still on the boat so I'm spending the bank holiday hanging out with friends, surfing, enjoying the sunshine (yes, its beautiful out here) and eating lots of lovely food (Thanks for the burger Bill). 

Colour and colonialism

by Alison, 13/04/2014

While we were in Nicaragua, we weren't really focused on seeing towns. We wanted golden sands, blue skies and waves. However it can be hard to stop being a tourist and when the surf got small we took a side trip to Granada. 

Shore-shots Irish surf film festival 2014

by Alison, 09/04/2014

I've been mentioning surf culture a lot in the posts about California. When I say that, I really mean California surf culture. The movie images and ideas that were probably my first exposure to surfing. However they are not something that resonates with my daily experience of surfing. They are a vacation, a luxury.  This experience of surfing is a far cry from home.  

Dinner and a movie

by Alison, 05/04/2014

Tonight I am going to the Shore-shots Film Festival. Shore-shots is the Irish Surf Film Festival and is in its second year. We missed it last year and this year we were really looking forward to it. So much so that we bought our tickets while in Nicaragua. Unfortunately as I mentioned in the drop scone post Ollie is in Qatar and can't make the festival. Buying tickets in advance is always a gamble where he is concerned.  However thinking about tonight reminded me of our last visit to the cinema.


by Alison, 04/04/2014

Heading to California, my mind was filled with ideas about surfing and surf culture. Surfing brands whether we like it or not are a permanent part of that culture. While some brands are youth-centric, throw away fashion items that mould and shape them-selves to the times, there are those that manage to hold past and present in the same space and make items that I think any surfer would covet. 

Drop scones

By Alison, 01/04/2014

We have been back in Ireland just over a week now and I want to say sorry about the silence over the last fortnight. Internet signal in our last place in Nicaragua was poor and the past week has been a bit of an adjustment to reality. Ollie is already on a boat in Qatar and I am back my day job. Spending days in a car or office are hard to adjust to after the freedom of the beach. The last thing I have wanted to do in the evenings is sit at the computer. My promise to myself is to start sitting down and focusing on editing the holiday photos in order retain the holiday feeling and to be able to share them here. While I try tackle that mammoth task, I wanted to share the following with you.