Dinner and a movie

by Alison, 05/04/2014

Tonight I am going to the Shore-shots Film Festival. Shore-shots is the Irish Surf Film Festival and is in its second year. We missed it last year and this year we were really looking forward to it. So much so that we bought our tickets while in Nicaragua. Unfortunately as I mentioned in the drop scone post Ollie is in Qatar and can't make the festival. Buying tickets in advance is always a gamble where he is concerned.  However thinking about tonight reminded me of our last visit to the cinema.

It was after our trip to the Bing factory. We had left our gear in a hostel in L.A. and taken the coastal route from L.A. to Encinitas. I think this kind of skewed our perspective of how far it actually was.This meant that once we got to Encinitas and figured out how much we loved it, we didn't really want to leave. Instead we decided to chance the night in the car. 

The kind people at Bing, not only fed our souls with their beautiful art, they also directed us to a lovely surf spot we had never heard of and wasn't in the guidebook. Seeing as we had decided to stay the night we could surf and hang at the beach until the sun dipped into the ocean. 

Sunset was actually only about 6pm so we had a lot of time to kill before we could park up the car and sneak into bed (sleeping in your car is technically illegal in the state). First we were going to head to a pub and get some food but seeing as we needed to drive to a more secluded location this wasn't a great option. Then we saw the La Paloma and the evening just fell into place from there. It was Friday night and I couldn't think of a better American stereotype then dinner and a movie. First we ate dinner in a proper diner. The type that has no nonsense food for under $10 and an early bird rate for senior citizens. Like everywhere in coastal California, surfing demonstrated its influence. Here it was definitely in the decoration.

Then it was time for American Hustle at the La Paloma. The La Paloma is one of the oldest running theatres in California. Open since1928, it is the opposite of the multi-plexes and characterless buildings most cinemas have become. It is a living reminder of the golden days of Hollywood, when going to the cinema was an event. Seeing Hollywood had not been on our list of priorities this trip, it was lovely to get this easy glimpse into the cinematic history and culture of California. 

This night and whole 24 hours were one of my favourite 24 hours on the trip. Surf culture, great waves, amazing sunset, dinner and a movie. 

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