Drop scones

By Alison, 01/04/2014

We have been back in Ireland just over a week now and I want to say sorry about the silence over the last fortnight. Internet signal in our last place in Nicaragua was poor and the past week has been a bit of an adjustment to reality. Ollie is already on a boat in Qatar and I am back my day job. Spending days in a car or office are hard to adjust to after the freedom of the beach. The last thing I have wanted to do in the evenings is sit at the computer. My promise to myself is to start sitting down and focusing on editing the holiday photos in order retain the holiday feeling and to be able to share them here. While I try tackle that mammoth task, I wanted to share the following with you.
Due to the nuttiness that was January, I never really got to enjoy the beautiful things I got given at Christmas. This year one of the things I received a lot of was books. Really, really beautiful books. It will probably take me the full year to read and appreciate them all. The most unusual of these books was called Letters of Note, correspondence deserving of a wider audience complied by Shaun Usher. This is an ode to the handwritten letter.

While letter writing is a habit I have lost in the past few years, letter writing and receiving are a love of mine. I often had pen-pals as a kid and I still love post. As much as I love digital and instant communication (and being in an often long distance relationship, I do) there is something so pleasing about receiving something by post.   

This book is a collection of letters that was complied from the website of the same name (click here to see it). It contains some of histories most intriguing letters. For example a letter from Roald Dahl to 7year old Amy Corcoran who sent him a dream in a bottle and a letter written in 1864 from freed slave Jourdon Anderson to Patrick Henry Anderson, his old master. 

Out of all the books I received I never expected to be cooking from this one. However the very first letter was from Queen Elizabeth II to US President Dwight D Eisenhower, giving her royal drop scone recipe. I just had to try it and seeing as it has the royal seal of approval I thought I would share it with you. Be warned the full recipe makes a lot of pancakes (according to the Queen it serves 16. I wonder did she ever actually cook it). 

4 teacups flour
4 tbs caster sugar
2 teacups milk
2 eggs
2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
3 tsp cream of tartar
2 tbs melted butter

Beat the eggs, sugar and half the milk together.
Add the flour and mix well together.
Mix in the remaining milk as required.
Then mix in the bicarbonate and cream of tartar.
Finally fold in the melted butter.

Add some bacon, blackberries, natural yogurt and maple syrup for a real weekend treat.

Finally I am curious. When was the last letter you wrote? 

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  1. I still have a shoe box full of letters, received around the world from family and friends, from when I went to sea for the first year. Half the box are probably letters I sent home that year myself. It's lying around somewhere and I haven't read them in nearly 20 years, should have some interesting stuff.
    The last handwritten letter I wrote was also sent from a seaport somewhere in the world (I believe it was in Sweden) to my family back home in the year 2000. After that electronic mail took over.
    I'm not counting the letter the cable tv company demanded from me, explaining to them why I didn't pay their fee a few years after that :-)