Friday night lights

by Alison, 23/05/2014

Finally, it's the weekend. It's been a long week and its time to re-set and recharge. Luckily we live in a beautiful place that gives you plenty of opportunities to do this. 

Isla de Ometepe

by Alison, 20/05/2014

Situated in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, Ometepe is an impressive sight. Its two volcanoes rise gracefully out of the water adding depth and perspective to this enormous lake. The island is only accessible by ferry and in our opinion is well worth a trip. We were trying to maximise our beach time on this holiday and for this reason we only spent two days on this beautiful island. However the island is quite compact so even with only two nights to spend there, we came away with lots of happy memories. 


by Ollie, 16/05/2014

So far I've only spent about 2 weeks in Ireland this year. Work and holidays have kept me busy in 2014, traveling across the globe. My last destination before I came back to County Clare again: Dubai.

The Seea

by Alison, 12/05/2014

In theory the thought of surfing in warm water without the need for a wetsuit sends happy shivers of anticipation down my spine. However there are a couple of advantages of being incased in neoprene from head to toe. First off, only very small portions of the body are being blasted by the elements and it is easy to protect those that aren't. Secondly having a wetsuit means that everything stays where it should.

Popoyo, beach haze and lazy days

by  Alison, 08/05/2014

Prior to traveling to Nicaragua we knew very little about Nicaragua or its surf breaks. Popoyo was the one spot that everybody we talked to mentioned.  After our brief stay in San Juan del Sur we were ready to start life at the beach and we choose to head directly to Playa Guasacate. This beach has the closest access to Popoyo.

Live in the sunshine...

by Alison, 06/05/2014

''Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air' Ralph Waldo Emerson

A mantra, a wish and when we get it right a reality. Life in Ireland can feel like this too but when I read this quote it brought me back to Nicaragua.