The Seea

by Alison, 12/05/2014

In theory the thought of surfing in warm water without the need for a wetsuit sends happy shivers of anticipation down my spine. However there are a couple of advantages of being incased in neoprene from head to toe. First off, only very small portions of the body are being blasted by the elements and it is easy to protect those that aren't. Secondly having a wetsuit means that everything stays where it should.

Unfortunately with bikinis things aren't so simple. Bikini's come in a dazzling array of shapes and sizes and those sold in Ireland tend to have sun tanning in mind rather then the ability to survive taking a heavy set on the head. There is nothing more irritating then being confronted by a monster set (or well what I consider a monster set) and instead of your full concentration being on the wave, half your mind is thinking ''please please please let my bottoms stay in place''. I know there are board-shorts out there. I personally don't find them the most comfortable to wear in the water, and unlike guys shorts a lot of those made for girls seem to come with buttons and a distinct lack of pockets. Therefore making them impractical out of the water and producing lovely pressure dings on your board in the water. 

With regards to sun protection, leaving the protection of your wetsuit behind can be hazardous for Irish skin. It is all too easy to arrive in a sunny country, slap on some sunscreen and run to the water without a second thought. I think we have all lost track of time in the water and it is only that evening when the dehydration and redness sets in that you realise your mistake. It's a pain in the ass having to miss prime surf time due to sun burn or worse sit on a 10hour bus ride with your whole back burned (yes traveling from Durban to Johannsburg last year was a lesson I don't want to repeat).

Introducing Seea. I first read about this company on a blog called Sunshine Stories. It is a Californian company with an Italian designer. The idea behind the company is to embody the image that women are ''graceful sliders of the sea''. They make rash vests, bikinis, summer suits but it was their surf suits that intrigued me. With an array of cuts, patterns and styles these all in one suits are made to keep everything where it should be, provide a high level of sun coverage, let the waves be your soul focus and hopefully add some style in the line-up. I'd be the first to admit that I have little style, however I have never had so many women (surfers and non-surfers) compliment me on a piece of clothing.  Girls took one look and immediately understood the advantages. 

Don't get me wrong their are disadvantages such as not being able to sun bath, changing out of them in public is certainly trickier then a bikini and the high price tag. But for pure surfing ease I'm a convert. Nicaragua has some heavy shore breaks and on those duck dives that went astray it was nice to only have to focus on holding your breath and not your bikini bottoms. 

(Just in case anybody out there thinks I'm lucky enough to be getting something for promoting this product. Alas sadly I'm not. I just found they made my life a lot easier and happier when away and I wanted to share them with you)


  1. Nice blog. BTW have you looked at the surfsuits that Neon make? Handmade in Cornwall. :)

    1. Thanks a million. We had actually heard about them but never actually checked them out. Lovely looking suits. I'll have to have a chat to them about suits with sleeves for ladies.