Surf, eat, surf, eat, surf, eat, then repeat

by Alison, 20/06/2014

It's midsummers, its Friday and its international surf day. It's flat and I have something bordering on a cold. Luckily I have a hard drive full of beautiful memories to stoke my surf filled heart. Another week in Nicaragua, another stretch of coast filled with firing surf breaks. 

Pretty much every day followed the same routine. 

Once you have checked the surf. Off-shore and lovely. its time to get out there.

Hopefully feel some joy and start to play.

 Run don't walk in the mid-day sun.

 Find some shade and have a cat nap.

Fresh or salt water, I think we spent more time in the water then out of it.

 When you are surfed out, there is still plenty of high quality entertainment.

And if you do need some variety (read smaller waves as the swell picked up) take a boat trip to down the coast.

 Finally enjoy the evening light which is pure magic.


  1. Hey love the light and the total feeling of freedom in your photos. You so lucky to have such memories. Enjoy midsummer in Clare.

    1. So so lucky. Really lovely to flick through all the edited photos :) Thanks :)