The cottage

by Alison, 09/06/2014

Its been a busy couple of weeks. I'd love to say that this was because the surf was pumping and that I didn't have time to write because of all the salt water flowing around me. Unfortunately this wasn't the case. In fact I think I've been land based now for nearly three weeks. When I lived in Dublin, I wouldn't even have noticed this. In Lahinch, it feels like you have all but given up on surfing. The main reason for this is we finally have a home again.

Ever since the flood (click here to read about out experience of the storms in January), we have been staying in our friend Eleanor's home. We truly will never be able to repay her generosity (though she have given us an interesting project and if it works well we will share the results here). 

We had been holding out hope that we would be able to move back into our old home but for the minute there are still concrete floors and a distinct lack of walls or ceilings in some areas of the apartment. Therefore we had to face the task of finding a place to live, in Lahinch, in May. Comfortable accommodation in Lahinch is hard to find at the best of times. May is not the best of times. With the possibility of renting properties on a weekly rather then a monthly basis very few landlords will consider a long term renter until holiday season is over. This meant our choice of properties was limited.

Ollie instead of being home for a 6week stint, ended up agreeing to return to the boat after two weeks. This limited our time but definitely provided a focus. The good news is we found a place, the kind of bad news is its not in Lahinch. We are definitely still in the country though a lot closer to the town. The view may not be as dramatic as any of the places we have lived but the cottage has character. 

This character may have been hidden under bag loads of mess and layers of dirt but its definitely there. This is what has been keeping me (and my mum) busy. Packing our lives up, unpacking them, trying to figure out what actually works in the place and scrubbing. Lots and lots of scrubbing. I want to say a massive thank you to my mum who spent the bank holiday scrubbing with me.

Really why I'm writing this post is Ollie actually has yet to see the house in its cleaner state. I tried unsuccessfully to show him last week on Skype. So here it is, I hope you like it. 

Our new bed, with a bit of brightness all the way from Nicaragua.

The living room with a couch that actually fits short people .

Back to my childhood with only a bath in place.

I've gotten to reintroduce myself to my cooking gear, though I still can't get the oven to work. For the minute food is a little basic and it might be awhile before any baking occurs.

First meal cooked in the new house.

Luckily our next door neighbours serve beautiful food.

We may be a little late to grow our own this year, but a little plant life never hurts.

Plenty of work still to be done but for now its starting to feel like home. Any volunteers to help excavate the shed?

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