Rise and shine

 by Alison, 01/07/2014

Sunrise and sunset surfs are beautiful. The light, the colour of the water, the lighter winds. However despite this and the fact that we live by the sea, my pre-work surfs are pretty minimal. When we are away morning surfs are pretty much the routine however I find this much harder when I have to head to work after. Sometimes it makes me question my dedication to the ocean as I hear the alarm and instead of getting up I roll over for just another 10minutes. Even with the warmer weather and bright mornings I find it tough to leave the pillow behind. Having somebody else counting on you to show up makes all the difference. Even better when that person is right beside you.

Ollie finally came home last Wednesday and even though he left again on Monday, it was nice to hit the water together. 

It started with a 5 am wake up call and a 6 am surf. As always once I was up and about I was ready for action but at 5am trying to remember why I am leaving the comfort of my bed seems a struggle.

5am is pretty much the earliest I've ever gotten up before work but it was necessary as due to the limited swell we had to drive down the coast to get some waves. The evening before we had caught some fun peaks at this beach on the low tide. Unfortunately the tide was high in the early morning. Since I had to work we couldn't wait for it to drop and there was a lot of bumps in the swell as the waves bounced off the beach. Still a sunny morning and an empty line-up helped to make-up for my struggle to catch waves.

Another thing I find that helps with early mornings is a bit of preparation. I'm one of those people who doesn't function well without regular meals. I've recently been trying to vary what I eat and I find smoothies and bircher muesli are fast becoming my go to breakfast or snack when I want something fast and portable. Both seem pretty perfect for surfs as they are light, can be made the night before and contain a good mix of healthy fats, proteins and carbs. I've had some successes and some failures so I'd love some more suggestions.

Occasionally I drive to the beach in my wetsuit. I find it keeps me warmer in the cold  months but it also helps to reduce any second guessing. The logic being I'm already damp and smelling of wet suit even if it isn't great I may as well get in.

I'm wondering does anybody out there have ideas or tips to get themselves motivated in the early mornings? Am I the only one who loves their bed too much?

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