Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014

by Alison, 04/07/2014

We were in Dublin last weekend to see the Pixies. Arcade Fire may have been the headliners but the Pixies (and Ham Sandwich) were definitely the main event for us. While they were awesome we can't exactly recommend that you go and see them as sadly all their dates in Ireland are over. We can on the other hand recommend that you go to see the following exhibition.

The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is run by the British Natural History Museum and BBC Worldwide (click here for the main site). The competition started in 1965 and it has gained in momentum and stature ever since. Wildlife photographers from all over the world compete in the individual categories and age groups. Once selected the exhibition first goes on display in the British Natural History Museum. Following a period of time there, it goes on tour around the world. 

The 2013 exhibition opened in the CHQ building in Dublin on the 27th June 2014 (click here for information on tickets and opening hours). This is the first year the exhibition has come to Dublin and it will run until the 31st August 2014. The exhibition consists of 100 breathtaking images. Some of the images took months to plan, stage and capture while others were captured in moments through a combination of luck and skill. There are multiple categories which try to reflect the different elements of the natural world.  Personally I found the images breath-taking. We watch nature documentaries and have been lucky enough to encounter many natural wonders in Ireland and away but to see this variety of moments captured and preserved in one space was definitely special.

I went to the exhibition with Ollie and my dad. Ollie would have a very technical interest in photography while my dad would only have a general working knowledge. However this really doesn't matter. It may alter your appreciation or understanding of the work behind the images but subjects are so elemental I think they could be enjoyed by anybody. 

For those of you who don't know the CHQ building, it is a beautiful listed building in the heart of the IFSC on Eden Quay overlooking the Liffey. Once a wine and tobacco store it now houses shops and places to eat. It is a lovely location only minutes from the city centre and if the day is sunny I would highly recommend a stroll along the Liffey, a visit to the exhibition and a meal in one of the lovely restaurants close by.

Just to note all the wildlife photography has been borrowed from websites advertising the exhibition and all credit goes to the wonderful photographers who captured them.

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