Sea shore foraging

by Alison,  21/08/2014

Summer is drawing to a close. There is a sharper note in the air and our summer town is starting to calm. To be honest though, I don't know where the summer went. While the weather has by all accounts been beautiful for Ireland, I feel like we missed it. Even the two weekends we got away, while fun, coincided with terrible weather. Mist, wet and rain. Thankfully our local coast is stunning and it's not hard to get out and enjoy yourself, if you time it right.

Ladies who slide

by Alison, 17/08/2014

Once again we spent the August bank holiday in Strandhill, Co. Sligo. We love this little seaside town and for us it has plenty of happy memories. For the third year in a row it was the Co. Sligo Open which brought us there on this particular weekend.

Take a minute

by Alison, 11/08/2014

Ollie took this photo when out exploring last week and I love it. I want to walk out to the end of the dock, lay down and make pictures with the clouds. 

Ollie has gone back on the boat and it feels like now its time for me to put my head down and get lots of work done. Work life and home life are starting to feel busy. This sometimes means being very productive or it can just mean stressing over little things. Maybe its better to just sit back and take a minute. 

The Blog Awards Ireland- we need your help!

by Alison, 8/08/2014

This week we are feeling a little bit proud. We have been accepted for the long list for the Blog Awards Ireland.

Our blog has been nominated for four categories: 
  1. Best Newcomer Blog
  2. Best Lifestyle Blog
  3. Best Group Blog
  4. Best Blog Post
The first three categories will be short-listed by a panel of judges and this will be announced on the 22nd of August. Fingers crossed some of them like us.

For the last category, Best Blog Post, we need your help. This short-list will be decided by public vote and then these will be judged by a panel of judges. So in order to reach this short list, we need your help. More accurateIy we need your votes.

The post that has been nominated captures a lot of what we love in life- golden beaches, beautiful waves,  great food, freedom to play and beautiful light - all the amazing things living by the ocean, warm or cold, brings. Click on the picture below if you would like to see the full post.
If you do like the post please vote for us. To do this click here to go to the voting site. You are able to vote every 7 days and we would appreciate any votes you give us.

Home brewing

by Ollie, 07/08/2014

You'd think after all the foraging we've been doing lately there would be no elderflowers left in the County, but we left enough for some elderberries to be foraged later in the year.
We had a big pile of elderflowers anyway, so I thought I'd have a go at making elderflower wine.