Sea shore foraging

by Alison,  21/08/2014

Summer is drawing to a close. There is a sharper note in the air and our summer town is starting to calm. To be honest though, I don't know where the summer went. While the weather has by all accounts been beautiful for Ireland, I feel like we missed it. Even the two weekends we got away, while fun, coincided with terrible weather. Mist, wet and rain. Thankfully our local coast is stunning and it's not hard to get out and enjoy yourself, if you time it right.

Just before Ollie left we had another foraging adventure. This time for sea urchins and seaweed. Ollie had happened upon this gorgeous rock-pool while taking photographs and it seemed like a nice way to spend a Saturday morning.

The only time either of us had had sea urchins was when we were road tripping in California (click here to see post). Those channel island urchins were gigantic compared to our Atlantic finds. 

Prising them out of the rocks was no easy feat and we both felt a bit guilty to be honest. We were very conscious of only taking a couple and not damaging them as we removed them. However there were some casualties that had to be eaten on the spot. 

After spending time with the Wild Kitchen, we had to give the seaweed a try.

Definitely a relaxing place to find your dinner. 

The next stage was cooking. After some research on the internet we decided to try a sea urchin risotto with a pickled sea spaghetti and carrot salad.  

All I can say is, the opinions were mixed. Ollie loved both of them and munched away happily. I on the other hand found neither really to be my cup of tea. I fear it was my cooking as I loved the sea urchins in California. Whatever the reason, it didn't really matter. Getting out and getting into the salt and sea again was enough.

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