Night skies

by Alison, 14/09/2014

Last night the northern lights were supposed to be visible from Ireland. If they were, I definitely missed them. However thinking of them reminded me of this image I took a month ago on a trip to Achill. It was a windless evening in Achill, which is remarkable for such an exposed spot. Driving by the lake from Keel village to Dugort both myself and my parents were struck by the amazing natural and man-made light shining across the lake. 

My Dad had been the designated driver for the night and was kind enough to bring me back to the house to grab my camera gear and try take a couple of shots. Unfortunately the streams of moonlight were gone by the time we returned but the calmness of the water and the starlight made for new perspective on a spot I have seen countless times before. 

Night time photography brings a whole new array of problems and possibilities and is something I rarely engage with. Luckily we have a plan up our sleeve for late October which should provide plenty more opportunities to develop this skill and possibly to see the northern lights!

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