Winter is coming

by Alison, 9/09/2014

Last Monday was the first day of Autumn and with the change in seasons a beautiful swell arrived. The parking lots were once again filled but this time it was as much with a sense of anticipation and expectation as it was with people. Hope for the days surf and for the coming winter season. 

 For the first time in months all the local reefs were working and it was beautiful to watch the swell lines roll across the ocean. 

These are the type of days I love. Size without being scary. The waves become a canvas and a place of expression. Even though I couldn't surf I couldn't ignore the beauty of them either. So after work I decided to hit the reef and take some photos before the tide rushed in.  


Sitting on the reef brought home one of my long held beliefs,  if you are a surfer you are one of the lucky ones. Throughout your life, you will always have a place to play, relax and recuperate. It is one of the few sports where the playing field is just as interesting and beautiful whether the players are out there or not. 

The good news is, winter is coming and for those dedicated people out there, the playground awaits. 

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