Autumn colours and a friendly encounter

by Ollie, 15/10/2014

I love being outdoors.
Last Monday was no exception. It was my birthday, the sun was out and autumn was in the air. So I decided to bring my camera and go for a walk in the Glen, a beautiful, as the name would suggest, little valley with a fast flowing river that ends in the Inagh estuary.

Time for a wander

by Alison, 12/10/2014
In four days time we are heading to Iceland. We booked the flights the night before Ollie left on his last work trip. While he was away communication was limited to text messages and since he has been home we have been to the nationals in Bundoran, moved house and he has also gone to Holland for training. Suffice to say we are still in the planning stages of the holiday. 

You look like sunshine

by Alison, 10/10/2014

Not too many words in this post. I just wanted to share some images of the new board (taken before it was all waxed up). Now that the weather is starting to turn its nice to have a bit of sunshine still hanging around.

Lahinch Longboard Competition 2014

by Alison, 07/10/2014

Sunshine, swell and light off-shore winds. Perfect conditions for surfing and an almost unheard of combination for a surf competition. The Lahinch Longboard Competition is run by the West Coast Surf Club over one weekend in September and this year it had it all. 

Irish National Surf Championships 2014

by Ollie, 01/10/2014

Last week Alison competed in the longboard competition in Lahinch and she was flying! That day she came out on top and brought home a beautiful longboard shaped by Ian Johnson.
I was on the boat somewhere in the Middle East so I didn't get to see her surfing, but needless to say I was super proud of her.
Fast forward a week and the Irish Nationals were on in Bundoran, an excellent opportunity to show her prowess on the shortboard.