Autumn colours and a friendly encounter

by Ollie, 15/10/2014

I love being outdoors.
Last Monday was no exception. It was my birthday, the sun was out and autumn was in the air. So I decided to bring my camera and go for a walk in the Glen, a beautiful, as the name would suggest, little valley with a fast flowing river that ends in the Inagh estuary.

I had taken a few photos and was walking further up-stream when I realized it was truly my birthday; I caught a glimpse of a pair of otters. A rare treat indeed!
In my native Holland the last wild otter was scraped off the motorway in the late 1980's, so seeing a pair of my wild namesakes so close to my new home was very special.

I stayed around, hoping to see some more of them but they didn't show themselves anymore. No matter, they already made my day and I continued doing what I came for: photographing the Glen and the river.

When after a while I walked back to my car an even bigger surprise awaited me. Next to the Falls Hotel, the Inagh river widens and the current becomes a good bit less swift. When I passed here I spotted some movement in the water, so I stopped to have a look what it was. 
To my big surprise it was another otter! It was happily swimming around, probably chasing fish. Even though the otter spotted me he stayed where he was, not a bother on him.

I quickly grabbed my camera and managed to get a few shots of him. He moved closer, curious what that clicking sound was, but after a while he had enough, dove and swam away, leaving a trail of bubbles behind him.

It was amazing! They are beautiful animals (it must be in the name) and I feel very privileged to have witnessed that. 

Hopefully it won't be the last encounter.

Lovely day for a stroll
The Falls Hotel. This is where the Inagh river becomes wider and slower. Next to the fence is where the otter was swimming.

The Glen. Its river joins the Inagh river before reaching the sea. 

Beautiful autumn colours in the Glen 

The otter chewing on something he just caught.

Isn't he gorgeous? Us Otters are indeed.

And off he goes again...


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  1. Dat is inderdaad leuk op je verjaardag prachtige beestjes Otters er zijn er nog wel een paar in Nederland het Otterstation in Leeuwarden heeft er weer uitgezet of het een succes gaat worden os afwachten