Irish National Surf Championships 2014

by Ollie, 01/10/2014

Last week Alison competed in the longboard competition in Lahinch and she was flying! That day she came out on top and brought home a beautiful longboard shaped by Ian Johnson.
I was on the boat somewhere in the Middle East so I didn't get to see her surfing, but needless to say I was super proud of her.
Fast forward a week and the Irish Nationals were on in Bundoran, an excellent opportunity to show her prowess on the shortboard.

Having come home from the boat a few days earlier, I was able to see her surfing in Bundoran. Not having surfed for nearly 2 months, and being a mediocre surfer, I wasn't competing myself (with the latter being the main reason). 
So, I tagged along for support and the craic, and was able to document Alison's campaign.

The contest was held at the The Peak in Bundoran, considered the best wave in Ireland by most Irish surfers. The swell was a solid 6 to 8 foot with offshore wind. The surf looked perfect, if intimidating. 

In her first heat, a non-elimination heat, all the girls were struggling and unfortunately she didn't make it through to skip a round. It wasn't just the girls struggling though, one of the lads said he caught one wave in his heat and got ten on the head.

In her next heat Ali did a lot better. She caught the biggest wave of the heat, a chunky right hander, and did a few nice turns on her backhand. This wave got her straight into the semi finals, which were held the next day.

Even though the surf was a bit smaller the next day, the girls were struggling again. They had to battle stiff currents and were having trouble to stay on the peak. 
Unfortunately she didn't make it through this heat and she wasn't entirely happy with her surfing.

I thought she did brilliant though and was very proud of her again. This competition was the first time she surfed The Peak and the waves were well overhead. In these conditions she made it to the semi finals of the Irish nationals.

So fair play to ya my surfing cailĂ­n!!    

The Peak

Perfect Irish surf

Bundoran's Banksy

Seaside town Bundoran, with the mountains of Leitrim looming over it.

Perfect A-frame

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