Pumpkin cake

by Alison, 27/11/2014

For Halloween we bought a pumpkin. A massive pumpkin. 7kilos to be exact. In my defence it was the only one I could find. As we only bought it on Oct 31st I never quite got around to carving the beast and instead it remained as a lovely decoration in the house. However it would have been a disgrace to let the whole pumpkin go to waste so I had to try make as much as I could from it. 

Atlantic Equipment

by Alison, 25/11/2014

When we started the blog, we also also joined Gorse and Coconuts on Facebook and Instagram.  I had never used Instagram previously but it quickly became my favourite social media app. I love getting visual insights into people's day-today worlds, I like how easy it is to search for images and how it can help you to make a connection with someone. It was  through Instagram that I first heard of Atlantic Equipment.

Van life

by Alison, 21/11/2014

One question everybody who is interested in going to Iceland asked us is 'Is Iceland expensive?'. The answer is yes. Iceland unfortunately is expensive. But then again so is Ireland. When we travel in Ireland we tend to stay in hostels, B&B's, friends houses or camp. We don't stay in hotels or fancy places so I didn't expect to do this in Iceland either. 

Reyjavik- through foreign and local eyes

by Alison, 18/11/2014

Sometimes it's cool to be a blogger. There is no way to say that without sounding a bit hipster and a lot like an eejit. Nevertheless it is true. Within the short-time we have had the blog, it has helped us to meet and contact with people we may never have otherwise. One of these people was Audur a lovely and engaging lady who spent a morning showing us around Reykjavik.

Aurora Borealis

by Alison

Mention these words and the first things that springs to my mind are the song Pocahontus by Neil Young, The Northern Lights trilogy by Philip Pullman and light blazing across the sky. The northern lights were the reason to miss the midnight sun and visit Iceland as the days draw shorter.

Back to the blog

by Alison, 11/11/2014

Hello again. Sorry for the hiatus but hopefully we are now back and ready to chat. I could discuss a lot of reasons for why we haven't been blogging this past month. Some of you would be interested, some wouldn't. When it boils down to it though, there is no point creating content for contents sake. This is a place to explore passions, to find a voice, to share and collaborate. Slowly I'm finding much like in my non-virtual life, sometimes I am full of motivation, and ready for new experiences and sometimes I just can't decide what I want to do so I end up doing very little.