Atlantic Equipment

by Alison, 25/11/2014

When we started the blog, we also also joined Gorse and Coconuts on Facebook and Instagram.  I had never used Instagram previously but it quickly became my favourite social media app. I love getting visual insights into people's day-today worlds, I like how easy it is to search for images and how it can help you to make a connection with someone. It was  through Instagram that I first heard of Atlantic Equipment.

Atlantic Equipment is a Co. Sligo based company hand making a range of carry equipment that can accompany you on any adventure. Ashley Smith is the founder of the Atlantic Equipment project and she launched her first product range in April 2014.  At about this time, I met Ashley at the Shore Shots Film Festival. She is the first and only person to ever look at me funny and ask do I know you from your blog.

I had wandered over to Ashley's stand as I was eyeing up her satchel as a potential camera bag. Practical and all as my old lowe-pro shoulder bag was, it always screamed I am a camera bag. After talking to Ashley for a little while, it turned out I wasn't the only photographer who had thought her designs would look lovely as a camera bag and she had already completed one bespoke design. A month or so later this camera bag was added to her product line.

Like any camera bag the most important thing whether it fits your camera's dimensions and the variety of equipment you require. I was looking for something I could take on day trips and weekends away, times when all I wanted was my basic body and lens and this suited me perfectly. I can fit my camera, spare battery, filters, SD cards and still have room to fit my phone, wallet, a notebook and a hat. While is doesn't have everything a camera bag from one of the larger manufacturers might have e.g. moveable compartments, the design is unique and unlike any other product I've seen in its price range.

Aside from the camera bag, Atlantic Equipment has a range of others products. Thoughtfully made and built to endure,  they all have a neutral style that could be used by a guy or a girl. 

In my world of mass produced goods, this direct contact and connection with a designer was a lovely experience. Supporting small businesses is something that myself and Ollie try to do. I'm not saying we manage to do this a lot of the time but I always feel good when we do. Looking forward to some more adventures on this Atlantic coast or another.


  1. Really cool bags with a beautiful design, we first saw them on 'Go Strandhill' webpage and then on your Instagram :)

    1. Gorgeous design. I've got to say the backpack gets compliments whenever I take it out.