Pumpkin cake

by Alison, 27/11/2014

For Halloween we bought a pumpkin. A massive pumpkin. 7kilos to be exact. In my defence it was the only one I could find. As we only bought it on Oct 31st I never quite got around to carving the beast and instead it remained as a lovely decoration in the house. However it would have been a disgrace to let the whole pumpkin go to waste so I had to try make as much as I could from it. 

I trialled coconut pumpkin soup, pumpkin butter and pumpkin cake. Out of the three the pumpkin cake was the only true success story. The pumpkin soup while lovely went off within a day, I'm not sure what happened there. The pumpkin butter well I've never tried it before but my only descriptor for it is odd.  I'm not sure if it was the recipe or my execution of it but whatever the reason it tasted strange. Luckily the pumpkin cake turned out lovely.

I mixed together a couple of different recipes including this carrot cake from Green Kitchen Stories, this spice mix from Joy the Baker, and the pumpkin cake recipe from BBC Good Food.

Seeing as it is Thanksgiving today I thought it was appropriate to post the recipe and use it as an excuse to say Happy Thanksgiving to my family living in the states. Love and miss you guys.

Ingredients for the pumpkin spice mix: 
1 tbs ground cinnamon
2 tsp ground ginger
1/2 tsp ground clove
1/2 tsp allspice
1/2 tsp fresh grated nutmeg
big pinch of cardamon

Ingredients for the pumpkin cake:
3 eggs
1-2 bananas
10-15 dates
6 tbs sunflower oil
1 cup whole wheat flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
4 tsp pumpkin spice mix
350g grated pumpkin
1 cup of desiccated coconut
1/2 cup chopped walnuts 
1/2 cup raisins

Ingredients for the icing:
2 tbs maple syrup
280g cream cheese
juice and zest of 1/2 an orange

First preheat your oven to 180 ˚C.
Next grease a 23'' springform cake tin with butter and dust with flour.
Measure out all the spices for the pumpkin spice mix, place in a jar and mixture well.
Blend the bananas, dates and oil together until they form a thick mixture.
Shift the flour, baking powder and 4 tsp of pumpkin spice mix together.
Stir in the eggs and banana mixture.
Next fold in the pumpkin, coconut, walnuts and raisins.
Pour the mix into the cake tin.
Bake for 40 - 50 minutes. A knife or skewer inserted into the cake should come out clean. I placed some tinfoil over the cake for the last 10minutes to prevent the top over cooking.

When ready, remove from the over and allow to cool in the tin for about 10minutes. Then remove from the tin and allow to cool on a wire rake.

While the cake is cooling whisk together the orange juice and zest, maple syrup and cream cheese.
When the cake is cooled, spread the icing on the cake and sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts and orange zest.


  1. You should try to marinate pumpkins with cloves next time, they turn out really nice :)

    1. Oh wow @ourcrossings that sounds good. Thanks for the suggestion.