Taking a chance

by Alison, 12/09/2015 
Two years ago, a love of cooking, a need to channel some creativity and a loaned cookbook all concluded in a trip to Ballycotton. Ballycotton is a beautiful coastal town, half an hour outside of Cork. The surrounding town-lands contain the home, farmstead, hotel, restaurant and cookery school of the Allen family. 

Ocean Earth 2015 Surf Photographer Search

by Alison, 28/06/2015

About a month ago, on a last minute decision I entered the Ocean Earth 2015 Surf Photographer Search organised by The Mermaid Society. The Mermaid Society is an Australian based surf culture website that aims to provide quality information regarding women's beach and surf sports. It focuses on a holistic view of women's engagement in water sports, providing positive role models and inspiration. This was the second year of the photography competition and the first year that it was open to international competitors. Each entrant had to submit three photos and provide a profile on their involvement with the sea.

#Surfcity Lahinch - Part 2

by Alison, 25/05/2015

The last time I wrote, I proposed that it is the people and the waves that make this place special. The last weekend in April was a classic example of the quality and variety of waves that is on offer. 

#SurfcityLahinch- Part 1

by Alison, 10/05/2015

Yesterday my friend handed me a sticker which read #Surfcity Lahinch. Much like the Wild Atlantic Way he is rebranding something that already exists but in an incoherent and tangled form. To create the Wild Atlantic Way all that was done, was the addition of some road signs and the production of some beautiful videos and articles. For now #SurfcityLahinch is a much smaller project however it follows the same concept of appreciating something we are surrounded by on a daily basis, promoting and sharing it with others. Whether we grew here or flew here, we love this little town and its surrounding waves.

Growing not growing up

by Alison

I turned 30 at the end of January. The night before, I was doing a bit of drinking thinking and all I could think was if you had asked me what I wanted to do when I was twenty- travel, go surfing and eat cake would probably have been high on my list of priorities. 

Chickpea tagine

by Alison

The days are finally starting to feel a little longer. Coming home in the evenings I am now more likely to be treated to a glowing sunset rather then darkness. However its only February, the weather is still cold and it will be a while before we can bid farewell to the scarves, hats and gloves that have been keeping us cosy this winter. 

Home brewing part 2: blackberry and elderberry wine

by Ollie, 03/02/2015

Last october on Halloween, Alison and I went to the community garden in Moy to join the celebrations of the harvest festival. My contribution to the evening was my first ever home made wine, an elderflower wine I had made a few months before.
I tasted it myself before I brought it to the garden to make sure it wasn't poison, would make a person blind or, would just be a nice wine. It actually tasted pretty good, although, because I had used bread yeast it had a rather funny after taste of, well, bread.
That didn't stop people drinking it though and five minutes after I put it on the garden's table the wine was nearly finished off. It seemed I had done something right.
Encouraged by that success I decided to start on another wine, this time a wine made from locally foraged blackberries and elderberries.

Fire and ice

by Ollie, 28-01-2015

Recently it has been snowing in Ireland and the local surf breaks have been on fire a couple of times. 
That reminded me of Iceland, truly a place of fire and ice.
Last october we visited Iceland and experienced the effects of geothermal activity hands-on and we hiked across a glacier which is covering one of Iceland's most violent volcanoes.

Oliebollen, fireworks and Dutch Masters

by Ollie, 11-01-2014

Happy 2015 everybody!!

Apologies for being absent so long, but I'm afraid work, a bit of traveling and surfing trumped writing blog posts lately.
It's our latest bit of travel I'd like to talk to you about today though. This year we celebrated the new year in the Netherlands!